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Forex position size calculator indicator

forex position size calculator indicator

switch click it to see controls for the PSC-Trader script. Position corner (default corner_left_upper) location for the indicator's text. Sl_font_color (default clrLime) font color for stop-loss level display. 2.05 Fixed two potential division by zero errors. SL/Entry lines are no longer saved to templates. If both EntryLevel and StopLossLevel input parameters are set to zero, this indicator will try to put them at some local levels. 2.04 Added DPI scaling for high-resolution displays. Line_height (default 15) line height for output.

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CountPendingOrders (default false) if true, then portfolio risk calculation will involve pending orders. Traders what is mining bitcoin can adjust many parameters, both for calculation and for display. Added input parameter for additional funds to be applied to the account size. Fixed panel hiding outside the chart's borders when resizing the chart window. Toggle this input if your position size seems off by an order of magnitude or two. Negative value means that the future used margin will be lower than the current due to lower requirement for margin of the hedged positions. Reward in account currency is based on the position size calculated without taking into account platform's restrictions. This parameter is available only in MT5 version of the indicator. You can also use it to see the necessary margin and expected changes in margin based on the calculated size of the position. Div_font_color (default clrSlateGray) font color for text divider/header. Fixed bug with TP line showing on top of panel when adding TP via button. Stoploss_line_width (default 1) stop-loss line width.

forex position size calculator indicator

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