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Alibaba bitcoin

alibaba bitcoin

in a statement today. The new initiative is being seen as a testbed for solutions to the issue that has cost lives in the country and elsewhere. Ants new Hong Kong-based joint venture will facilitate real-time cash transfers between people in Hong Kong and the Philippines in a digital wallet service the company said was the first of its kind. It isnot right to become rich overnight by betting on blockchain, Ma told reporters at the event, according to the Journal. The so-called Food Trust Framework effort will see the partners build a pilot blockchain platform bitcoin scrambler in Australia that will track products from producer to consumer. But others argue that Bitcoin is decentralized by design and the government should leave well alone.

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According to, zDNet, Alibaba said the blockchain platform would allow shipments to be tracked in real-time, as well as improving security and transparency in the fight against fraud. Ant Financial owns online-payments network Alipay. Related: What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin was the first application for blockchain technology but it now has countless other use cases. The central bank also took a dim view of the QQ coin, a popular virtual currency created by tech pioneer Tencent.