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Where to purchase bitcoin gold

where to purchase bitcoin gold

last hard fork Bitcoin Cash, almost all the major exchanges supported the hard fork to begin with. . 10 million GPUs mine it at the very least. Equihash 144.5 is the asic resistant algorithm so Bitcoin Gold is mined only with GPUs at the moment. If you have AMD edit the.

This is what you could expect on BTG: GTX 1050Ti 15 Sol/s; GTX Sol/s; GTX Sol/s; GTX Sol/s; GTX 1080Ti 64 Sol/s; RX 560 7 Sol/s; RX 290 12 Sol/s; RX 580 16 Sol/s. This puts an enormous amount of power in their hands. .

However, there are plenty of alternatives and, moreover, its likely Bitcoin Gold will find its way onto this site in the near future. Pplns pool and, sOLO mining modes are available at 2Miners. If you have two, three or ten such rigs, you should multiply the result by the corresponding factor. For those not versed in these things, brokers like eToro are the perfect option. If you would like to get a little bit of extra cash, then go ahead and try.