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Current bitcoin value graph

current bitcoin value graph

m, m, and. Mempool Transaction Count The number of transactions waiting to be confirmed. Transactions per Day, transactions, the aggregate number of confirmed Bitcoin transactions in the past 24 hours. Close, volume (BTC volume (Currency weighted Price). The aggregate size of transactions waiting to be confirmed. The total size of all block headers and transactions.

BTC/USD 4,170.79 9,175,874, livecoin, bTC/USD 4,197.76 7,164,561, bTSE, bTC/USD 4,092.50 5,713,828, kraken, bTC/USD 4,093.00 4,064,243. Placeholder, currency Statistics, block Details, mining Information, network Activity. Transactions Rate The number of Bitcoin transactions added to the mempool per second.

Mempool State By Fee Level Breakdown of the mempool by fee level Number of Unspent Transactions Outputs The number of unspent Bitcoin transactions outputs (utxo set size). Cost per Transaction A chart showing miners revenue divided by the number of transactions. The total value of all transaction fees paid to miners (not including the coinbase value of block rewards). Bitinka, bTC/USD 4,099.17 15,835,036, gDAX, bTC/USD 4,093.10 12,415,471, bitstamp, bTC/USD 4,093.39 10,213,689, bitfinex. Difficulty, a relative measure of how difficult it is to find a new block. Hashrate Distribution, an estimation of hashrate distribution amongst the largest mining pools. Total bitcoin kursas eurais Number of Transactions Per Day The number of daily confirmed Bitcoin transactions. Total Output Value The total value of all transaction outputs per day. BTC/USD 4,027.18 47,850,123, biteBTC, bTC/USD 4,596.49 34,193,822, exrates, bTC/USD 4,076.43 33,852,200, coinsuper, bTC/USD 4,095.05 17,027,225. Average Block Size, the average block size. Cost of Transaction Volume, a chart showing miners revenue as percentage of the transaction volume. Privacy Terms Law Enforcement Guide Advertise.