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New york session forex strategy

new york session forex strategy

entry, exit and potential profit prior to the actual breakout. . If not, we cant say the prior day had a definitive direction, so we stand aside on this particular pair for the day. Next, draw horizontal lines at yesterdays 5PM open and todays 5PM close. New, york, open breakout strategy is to capture any strong early moves occurring at the start how forex works wiki of the trading session. We are interested in the price action between these two lines.

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Planning your trades in this manner makes this a strategy particularly suitable for new traders. This strategy comes from my archives. You'll know directional move within 5min of analysis and have that confirmation within the first 90 minutes of the session. How to Trade the Asian Session *Please note that I will be using a past example to illustrate the setup. For example, if the day started higher and dropped, pull the Fibonacci to from the high of the day to the low of the day. Keeping most of the rules the same all you would need to do is bring down the time to a minute frame instead of an hourly. We use this strategy on any pair that includes one of the Asian session currencies (Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar, New, zealand Dollar) which will give you quite a few pairs to look at every day. This is a perfect low risk. If the Distance between the high and low is less than 50-60 pips, it could be very profitable. An alternative would be to identify the previous days highs and lows. We do this because if one of them hits the stop, they all do, so size your positions accordingly.

new york session forex strategy