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Consensus bitcoin news

consensus bitcoin news

miners, that we think aligns incentives better. "Consensus" forex vs futures is an ambiguous and problematic word which can mean several different things, both in Bitcoin and elsewhere. Ben Peters of m: I think it's an important step forward - it's taking Bitcoin over a major hurdle, and facilitating future scaling, while relieving what had become something of a short term crisis. Is this something investors should worry about? This is the way I see it - I think, it's all about commercial interest, or economics, or game theory.

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consensus bitcoin news

Monday, Cointelegraph has reported that a number of leading players of the Blockchain industry have reached a consensus in regards to the Bitcoin scaling solution. You could also argue that they have a vested interest in the blocks being small so that their technologies and their solutions become successful. They must start to compete like anything else, said Brad. So if you're a transactional firm, if you're selling services that have to do with the transactionality of Bitcoin - obviously you want more throughput in the technology. For clarity, this level of agreement should be called non-contentious or near-unanimous.

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