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Vega bitcoin mining

vega bitcoin mining

Final Thoughts on The AMD RX vega 56 It may be hard to get your hands on the RX Vega 56, but if you do, would you really want it? The driver for the performance jump is responsible, whereby no clock rates are given for the specified hash rate.

Regardless the cooling system it uses, operating in a cooled room will be healthier for your GPU than in a hot one. Probably the most important performance that people what to know about is the hashrate for mining, ethereum (ETH) and other crypto coins based on the Ethash algorithm. Bitcoin, basics Trading Videos (Highly recommended m/go/bbo/khz steemit! Weve seen claims of much higher performance being theoretically possible, but we are yet to confirm if it is and if these claims are actually real or just speculation. The AMD GPU however does it with significantly more power used when compared to what the Nvidia card requires to provide very similar performance for mining (double the power for the, vEGA ). Claymore AMD vega 56 ETH Mining at 38MH/s stable, same settings. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.