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Raspberry pi bitcoin mining profitability

raspberry pi bitcoin mining profitability

perfect opportunity to show off what the Raspberry Pi can do by mining Bitcoins at rates comparable to the best graphics used in mining today. No url shorteners (auto spam). Monero mining is more efficient on GPU but its technically totally possible to do it on. The Adafruit Pi Miner uses one of their really cool. Mining bitcoins is becoming a fools errand, but theres always some new piece of hardware coming out that allows those hard-core miners to keep ahead of the curve. And the cpu miner profits from large cpu caches, which are not present on the pi board, another effiency reduction.

Bitcoin, mining, is it worth it?

raspberry pi bitcoin mining profitability

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But there are some other caveats. For mining, while it probably would work technically, the chances of you ever mining a bitcoin are so low that its probably a waste of time. Also for efficent monero mining AES-NI must be supported by the hardware. You certainly can compile a Bitcoin node on a Raspberry Pi, and it will act as a fullnode relaying transactions for the network. In all other cases, its possible but in the end you will loose money until the price of moneros doesnt surge like bitcoin. The Raspberry Pi simply doesnt have enough horsepower to mine bitcoins at any worthwhile rate. A lot of these asic devices come in interesting packages that look just like a large USB thumb drive. One such piece of hardware are new custom asic devices that are just as fast as an fpga while being much less expensive. CGminer, and letting your new PiMiner loose on a mining pool. Asics are useless for the cryptonight mining. You can use standard hardware. There are, however, USB asic devices that will mine for you at about the same speed as a high-end graphics card.